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Namaa NFF People are our most important asset. It is our employees who form the strength of the Company and nothing can be achieved without their commitment and energy.

Namaa NFF recognize that our growth is largely influenced by the professionalism and career growth of our employees which we have backed with best practices and effective knowledge transfer from across the globe.

We place value with diversifying knowledge within our organization as we consistently provide opportunities for staff to grow across different roles in the organization.

Our Mission

To enable economic growth through natural raw material and business development, and to provide solutions that support industries and protect the environment and by exceeding clients’ expectations while offering outstanding values in all our products. We will achieve this by providing an attractive corporate culture.

Our Vision

NFF vision is to provide our services and products to a wide range of markets worldwide and to be known worldwide as the highest quality corporation with ever-growing credibility, quality, and expertise. NFF is concerned about building a reputation for decency and integrity and preserving a strong ethical code. We are working toward this vision by using innovation and our ever-growing sense of creativity.

Our Values

Boldness, Honesty, Trust, Accountability Commitment to Customers, Innovation, Quality.

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