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Namaa Flavors & Fragrances | NFF was established by Hisham Allam, Chairman & CEO, Namaa NFF specialized in the manufacture of Fine Fragrances for personal care perfumes, cosmetics, detergents, Household CareFlavors, and provide Essential oil, raw materials, pharmaceutical industries, for any industry that uses aroma in its products, Nama NFF focuses on exporting its production all over the world as more than 85% exporting  .

Owner of Namaa NFF is Co-founder of manufacturer – Green Gardens Group – the first industrial zone – Kom Oshim Fayoum, Egypt – concentrate pulp., which is one of its residues as raw materials for aromatic industries.

WHY Namaa Flavors & Fragrances | NFF

1- Confidentiality of customer info, Customer privacy, respect for dealing information.
2- Egypt is a rich countries in raw materials of producing and exporting essential oils, so we enjoy strong features in exporting our production.
3- We respect the punctuality, we are committed to executing the orders on time, to avoid disrupting the industry.
4- Commitment of agreement, Respect international contracts, agreements and agencies.

5- Technical support, we support and assist our clients technically.
6- Quality, reasonable cost, High Quality, concentrate for different market over the world.
7- Very Fast Delivery.

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Our Mission

To enable economic growth through natural raw material and business development, and to provide solutions that support industries and protect the environment and by exceeding clients’ expectations while offering outstanding values in all our products. We will achieve this by providing an attractive corporate culture.

Our Vision

NFF vision is to provide our services and products to a wide range of markets worldwide and to be known worldwide as the highest quality corporation with ever-growing credibility, quality, and expertise. NFF is concerned about building a reputation for decency and integrity and preserving a strong ethical code. We are working toward this vision by using innovation and our ever-growing sense of creativity.

Our Values

Boldness, Honesty, Trust, Accountability Commitment to Customers, Innovation, Quality.

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